Summary of Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP)

Are you thinking to settle and work in Alberta enduringly? Then AINP can certainly help you out in your Canada immigration process. The AINP is a program start by government of Alberta by the Immigration and Employment Ministry together with Citizenship and Immigration Canada with immigration procedure to Alberta.

This program is shaped particularly for the enlargement and economic boom of Alberta by allowing able and talented skilled workers from overseas countries to give to Alberta’s economy. Candidates who are chosen by the Province Of Alberta together with their family members can submit an application for the permanent inhabited visa with the assist of Citizenship and immigration Canada as a Provincial Nominee. But the process to apply for AINP is dissimilar for different stream and categories for which you are qualified for.

If you are applying as a worker which falls in the group of Employer Driven Stream of the AINP, then you have to have some suitable job proposal from your employer in Alberta and you should qualify under any one of the 3 streams of AINP. On a standard there are three streams of immigrants who are applying as employees and they are;

1. Skilled worker
2. Semi-skilled worker stream
3. PNP self employed farmer stream

There is one additional stream which is called Alberta PNP strategic recruitment stream. To fruitfully migrate to Canada, a candidate has to complete the conditions of any one of these streams. There is a dissimilar condition for those who are applying under Alberta family stream.

Alberta is a stunning place in Canada which has right of entry to a variety of facilities such as health care, hospitality, education etc which makes it an ideal destination to migrate.


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