Canada- A Favorite Destination of Chinese

Consistent with a latest survey, Canada is highly praised as the third most popular destinations amongst the Chinese nationals who are intend to tour abroad. The primary place is grabbed by Australia, followed by Singapore and as talk about; the third place is clutch by Canada.

The next position was grabbed by Japan, which got its grade just after the United States, South Korea and the New Zealand. The report was carried on by a joint collaboration by SUCCESS Foundation (which holds its stand in Vancouver).

It has been merely few weeks when Canada has received its Approved Destination Status, different the land of Kangaroos, which received it in the year 1999. If this facet is seen, Canada has climbed the ladder faster as compared to Australia.

Also, with this boost in tourists and joint immigration, Canada and China are celebrating 40 years of joint diplomatic relations between both the countries. If thought and forecast are to be believed, number tourists (including Chinese) would visit Canada in the coming years.

The link due to Immigration has allowed the country to improve the figure of tourists every year, be it on Tourist Visa, Investor Visa, Student Visa, to name a few. These aspects have allowed both the countries to build stronger relationships with each other.

Moreover, the survey states that Canada is highly praised as one of the calm places with amazing and beautiful landscape along with fresh air and other options.


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