How To Get Canadian Citizenship

A permanent resident (landed immigrant) of Canada who has been living in Canada for at least of 3 years within the last 4 years can apply for Citizenship in Canada. Having Citizenship in Canada let you to submit an application for a Canadian passport, apply for definite jobs, run in elections, and vote in elections in Canada. Additionally, Canadian citizens do not need to be anxious regarding residency compulsion since Canadian citizens can live outside of Canada with no risk of the loss of their residency status in Canada.

To Get Citizenship in Canada you must be:
- At least 18 years of age.
- Be a permanent resident or landed immigrant of Canada.
- Have lived in Canada for an overall of 3 within the last 4 years
- Be able to converse in either English or French.
- Be able to pass the citizenship exam.

Note: Days spent in Canada previous to becoming a permanent resident can be counted as 1/2 days (up to 365 days) if they are within the 4 years previous to your application date.

You are not entitled to become a Canadian citizen, if you are:
- Under a removal order
- Presently being charged with an indictable criminal offence
- Have been offender of an indictable criminal offence in the past three years
- Have been in jail, on parole, or on trial in the past four years
- Are being investigated for or have been convicted of war crimes
- Had your Canadian citizenship cancelled in the last five years

Canadians are permissible to hold their foreign citizenship while keeping their Canadian citizenship (dual citizenship) depending on their country of residence.

Steps of Citizenship in Canada:
Apply for the Citizenship -> Citizenship Exam (If you are between 18 and 54 years old) -> Citizenship Ceremony


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