Canada Visit Visa – Letter of Invitation

Your sponsor or the person who is inviting you in Canada must write the letter of invitation himself. By writing a letter of invitation for you to have a visit to Canada, he is not legally responsible for you once you enter in Canada, but he must provide the letter in good faith.

Your sponsor will send the invitation letter to you for a visit to Canada. You then submit this letter to the Canadian Embassy or Consulate of your country when they you for your Visa Visit Canada.

The Invitation letter should contain the following information about you:
1. Your complete name.
2. Your Date of birth.
3. Your address and telephone number.
4. His relationship to you.
5. The purpose of the visit.
6. How long the person you intend to stay in Canada.
7. Details on housing and living expenses.
8. The date you intends to leave Canada.

Invitation Letter for Canadian visit Visa must also include the following information about your sponsor:
1. His/Her Complete name.
2. His/Her Date of birth.
3. His/Her Address and telephone number in Canada.
4. His/her Occupation.
5. His/Her Status; whether he is a Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident
6. A photocopy of a document proving sponsor’s status in Canada. For example, a Canadian birth certificate if he was born in Canada or a Canadian citizenship card if he is a naturalized citizen. If your sponsor is Permanent Resident, he/she must send proof of your permanent resident status (a copy of his PR card or his IMM 1000 proof of landing).


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