Canada Employment Immigration

At present, birth and death rates in Canada are on the turn down. Consequently, the young and skilled population is in high demand but short supply. To equalize this situation, the government of Canada is focusing more on immigration timelines and its immigration policy 2010 to allow immigrants from other countries to settle in Canada under Canada immigration employment and work for its growth and prosperity. The Canadian government gives confidence to skilled and self-employed persons for Canada job immigration, investors, businessmen, entrepreneurs to everlastingly reconcile in Canada to advance its economy.

Among the categories of immigrants who take reception to seek Canada employment immigration, the skilled workers with good qualifications and experience are the welcome. More than a few types of programs are accessible for skilled persons in order to get Canada employment and immigration.

Besides the employment immigration offered by the government of Canada, the provincial government of Quebec furthermore offers immigration for employment under its Quebec Immigration Service, which it shares with the government of Canada. An individual with the accurate qualifications and experience with no health and security problems may be considered for Employment and immigration Canada in the province of Quebec.


Kartik said...


I just need a help from you.

I have applied for canadian PR on oct 2007 at US buffalo as skilled worker. During that time i was working at Nortel on work permit for an year. I got AOR on April 08 and now my file has be transfered to New york for further processing. Now again they have asked for IMM0008 application. After an year of stay at canada I moved back to india.

Here my question is

1. Since i have moved back to India will my file be tranfered back to india or it will be processed at new york itself.
2. what should i need to say in the immm0008_3e 3rd and 4th question where it ask whether i am currently working in Canada under work permit?

It could be great if you could help me out.

Anonymous said...

hi, i wanted to ask that my husband has applid my sponsorship on 19 aug 2011, i wanted to know that whetr he can apply for visit visa or not or we have to wait for when the ambassy approves our application..??

do anser my question..plxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi, I have applied for immegration 6 yrs ago, I recieved my file number and I was asked to give update for the documents and was asked for clearance, when do you think I will get the medication papers to proceed with the immegration.
Thank you

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