Job Guide for New Immigrants in Canada

Whether you have recently relocated to Canada or doing preparation to get Canadian Immigration in future, this blog serves as an ideal guide for all immigrants moving or already moved to Canada. The content gives an inside measure on the Canadian approach to obtain employment and what all it takes to apply for a first-class job in Canada.

You have to be familiar with that Canadian jobs are always based on merit. A proficient and well-crafted CV or resume is a obligation when it comes to obtain a good job in Canada. It ought to be compiled of your experience along with qualification up till now that can be effortlessly evaluated by your interviewer. Do not add any inappropriate qualification by applying for a job of a total different field. For example, adding up a qualification in Tourism at the same time as applying for a Lecturer’s job is not recommended in any way. Additionally, getting a competently done resume would add on to the benefit. Employers or recruiters of Canada might scan the resume automatically or manually. Therefore it becomes necessary to design your resume in the most acceptable manner.

Having a good covering letter forms one more important aspect of finding a first-class job in Canada. It makes the initial impression and involved as to why your employer must consider your resume. Always keep you covering letter in the typed form except an employer requests for a handwritten copy. The paragraphs must be short, have individual touch and must be limited to one page only.

Lastly but absolutely not the least!! Go for the Company and job study. Find out the answers to several questions like:
  • What is the post that you are applying for and what are the accurate qualifications that are required for the position?
  • What is the background of your future employer company and what field it deals with?
  • Are there some precise skills that your employer is seeking in the applicants?
  • Visit the employer’s website and know more regarding its services and clients.

Wish You All the Best!


Anonymous said...

I am have applied for canadian immigration in 2008.
I have following concerns0

-fees of colleges of canada
-spouse /partner form
-how many members went canada with in 2009 from India
-recent cahnges to canada immigration points

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