How to Apply for Permanent residence of Canada?

Derived from the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act in Canada, and candidate can only file his application for permanent residence in two types of locations:
1. Where the immigrant has been lawfully allowed to enter Canada for a minimum of a year.
2. The native state or country of the applicant.
This is as stated by the Section 11 of the act.

In case, a person is emigrating to Canada from outside Canada, he must be qualified under the new rules. Together with this, if the applicant does not have a work permit and is not selected under any of the provincial nominee programs, he has to guarantee that his profession is listed in the 38 occupations list required for emigrating to Canada. If his profession appears on the list, then he have to prove his eligibility in the form of educational qualifications, working experience along with some other documents and must submit the complete application form.

The process is very easy and you can easily apply for yourself. But sometimes small details are forgotten and may lead to rejection of application. To help an applicant with such matters, Canadian immigration Lawyer or Canada Immigration Attorney may be contacted. A Canadian Immigration Lawyer can guide you through the whole procedure. Most Canada Immigration Lawyers offer an earlier assessment of an applicant’s skills and qualification which gives a improved insight into an applicant’s case.


Anonymous said...

without ielts i want to get pr in canada.this is possible i could only for investment?

Anonymous said...

hi sir.we have applied 4r canada in aug2005.can u tll hv mch more time thy wll tke???

Anonymous said...

Hi. im woking in canada for 9 months under skill level C, can i apply for permanent residency?

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