Modifications in the Quebec Skilled Worker Program

Modifications in the Quebec Skilled Worker Program will let the province to greet additional immigrants.The fresh selection system for Quebec Skilled Workers will make it easier for a number of applicants to meet the criteria.

The most important change is the lessening of the overall selection pass mark from 59 to 55 for a single candidate and from 68 to 63 for a couple.
The breakdown of points granted for education has been revised to be acquainted with more types of diplomas than under the earlier system. Undergraduate diplomas attesting to one or two years of university education and more vocational and technical diplomas are now regarded.
Additionally, the “Areas of Training” standard, which awards extra points to applicants with certain educational or training backgrounds, has been changed to mirror the present needs of Quebec’s economy and labor market. Candidates with certain educational backgrounds will not only take advantage from more points, but will also meet the criteria for priority processing.
The age points awarded for an applicant’s has also been adjusted, so that it declines less quickly after the age of 35 than under the preceding system.
The more encouraging weighting of the education and age criteria could make it easier for some applicants, who did not meet the criteria under the previous system, to become entitled to immigrate to Canada in the Quebec Skilled Worker category.

Winning applicants get a Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ), and be required to submit their application to Citizenship and Immigration Canada (a Canadian visa office) for medical and security checks and the issuance of a Canadian immigration visa.
This new system is in effect as of October 14 2009. Applications that were acknowledged by Quebec immigration offices before that date will be evaluated under either system is more favorable to the candidate, while those received on or after October 14 will be evaluated under the new system.


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