How To Get Ahead of IELTS Test

IELTS or International English Language Testing System has been operational since its introduction in 1989 to see if students from all through the globe are trained in English. The Academic IELTS is required for those students who propose to work or study at a University 0f Canada and depending on the course that a student intends to undertake, the aptitude of the person to understand and use the English language in all its complexity is tested. The General Training IELTS is used for the purpose of immigration to Canada as well as immigration to New Zealand, Denmark Greencard and Australian Immigration.

Test Format Overview
Four sub-tests encompass the overall IELTS i.e. Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening. Individuals appearing for IELTS have to obtain all four of these tests. The tests of Speaking and Listening are general to all individuals who plan to sit for the IELTS; although, depending on whether the personality intends to take a seat for the Academic or the General Training, the tests on Writing and Reading are different.
There is a possibility that the Speaking test may be held a couple of days before or later, at some centers. It depends on the settings of the test.

The IELTS listening test goes on for a half hour or so and is including of four sections. The test is played on a computer audio system. Usually, infrared headphones will be provided to you in order to hear the voice crystal clear. Inform the examiner immediately in case of any problem in headphone.

The Reading and the Writing tests lasts for about an hour both and the Speaking one is for 11 to 15 minutes. The solution to getting through an IELTS is attentiveness and previous Listening. To identify with what the audio system is playing, you must be alert and write down whatsoever the system is speaking. Each word has to be written down. It is useful to watch British movies as it will familiarize you with their pronunciation.

While preparing for the IELTS, practice speaking to you opposite to a mirror, and try to speak with a British accent. This will prepared you for the Speaking test. Listen to audio tapes with British conversations recorded in them and try writing down the discussion, word for word. This will buckle you up for the pay attention at the test. The Internet is a excellent place to get practice material for the IELTS.


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