Canada Marriage Immigration: Some Important Factors

A Canada Marriage Immigration visa category is for persons who have entered into the tie of marriage that is lawfully authorized and recognized by CIC. The wife or Husband of the sponsor may be presently living in Canada, or the sponsor may be married to a foreign national residing outside Canada in order to get Canada Marriage Immigration.

Besides meeting all of the essential eligibility requirements, sponsors as well as foreign applicants must meet all of the following additional requirements to be eligible for a Canada Marriage Immigration:
1. The marriage should be accepted as a legitimate union by the Canadian government. If the marriage ceremony was performed outside of Canada, the marriage must be documented by both the Government of Canada and the country or authority in which the ritual was performed.
2. If any partner was the legal spouse of a different individual, i.e. polygamy or polyandry, at the instance the ceremony was performed, Canada Marriage Immigration will not be approved.
3. If the sponsor and the claimant have been living separately for a period more than one year, the foreign applicant will not be eligible for a Canada Marriage Immigration.
4. If sponsor or applicant is the common law or conjugal partner of an additional person, you are not entitled to sponsor a foreign spouse for a Canada Marriage Immigration and same for applicant.
5. Under Canada Marriage Immigration law, you must be in ownership of your marriage certificate. If you were married outside of Canada in a foreign Embassy or Consulate, the marriage ought to be lawfully binding consistent with the laws of the country in which the ritual was performed. The acknowledgment of the union by the country represented by the Embassy or Consulate is not adequate to meet this requirement.
Note: Keep hold of your wedding pictures as well as any other proofs which may helpful to confirm your marriage. It will help you a lot when you will apply for Canada Marriage Immigration.

If all of these requirements are met, and all required documents are submitted to the appropriate Canadian immigration authorities, it is very much possible that your Canada Marriage Immigration application will be approved, and your wife or husband will be granted permanent residence status to reside and work in Canada.

What’s next?
An immigration officer may even make a decision to waive the Canada Marriage Immigration interview requirement if the entire case does not lift any serious doubt, and the application is complete and perfect. If the immigration officer is not satisfied based on the written petition, though, the recipient or the sponsor perhaps required to attend a Canada Marriage Immigration interview to convince the immigration department that their relationship is valid and continuing. The ultimate decision as to whether the foreign spouse qualifies for Canada Marriage Immigration will be made by the immigration official during the interview.


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