Documents Required for Citizenship of Canada

Certain standards have been set by the Canadian High Commission when it comes to looking for citizenship of Canada. It is compulsory that any immigrant applying for a Canadian citizenship should have been inherent in in Canada for a minimum of 1095 days out of the whole last 4 years.

With reference to the citizenship of Canada, it is essential to document that period of residence. This means that several forms of data have to be provided for the same. It would be easier for your application to be accepted if you contain one of the following documents.

1- A driving license
2- Provincial medical coverage
3- It would also be easier if you are either working or studying full-time in Canada.

4. Passports:
Alternatively, if you travel repeatedly on work purposes, it becomes vital to document the particular number of days that an immigrant has been located in in Canada. In this case, it is essential that you have your passports integral to be produced when asked for. This also includes all your expired passports in the last four years also. If you are not capable of producing a passport for an appropriate period of time, it might impact harmfully on your application.

5. Tax Returns and a Reference Letter from employer:
Tax returns are an additional aspect that proves your residence in Canada. With this is an indication letter from the Canadian employer which verifies you as a full time employee in that particular organization.

6. Purchases from a Credit Card:
A credit card receipt is an added document that could be asked for as a reference. This would show that you made purchases in a local store and that you were actually present in the country.

Though, these cannot be considered as the most essential of all the documents but would surely prove to fill in where the documents have been found to be lacking. Then again, it cannot be said whether it would be sufficient for the immigration official or the citizenship judge.

With the intention of checking the eligibility of the candidate, there are several tests approved by the citizenship officials. Nevertheless, a final result could only be known when the judge announces. Therefore, it is always better to maintain all the documentary proofs so as to get your citizenship hassle free.


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