Thing to Do After Getting PR of Canada!

After obtaining the Permanent Resident PR Status in Canada, it is compulsory that the migrant should apply for the following:

A Permanent Resident Card:
Once getting the status of a Permanent Resident PR of Canada, you become eligible to get a Permanent Resident Card, which would be provided to you, free of cost. It is a wallet sized card that is necessary for all the migrants living as Permanent residents in Canada. Permanent Resident Card expires after every 5 years.

SIN Card:
SIN stands for Social Insurance Number and is necessary to work in Canada. So you have to apply for the same as soon as likely in order to start your professional career. Ensure that you have a PR Card and a verification of PR and Visa counterfoil before applying for a SIN Card. Also make sure that you have all the documentation required to apply for the card.
Note: Applicants can apply for a SIN Card at any Service Canada Center.
Never reveal your SIN Card Number to anyone!

The Health Card:
It allows right of entry to the health care facilities provided by the Canadian government. As a PR, you are entitled for various health care facilities. Everybody must have his own health card, including all your family members. Certain services are not covered in Health care and for that it is recommended to take a Private Health Card.


Anonymous said...

I want to get admission in Ryerson University. My application of Immigration is still under process. Can i get admission and visa?

Comrade said...

Yes you can

Anonymous said...

i have just landed and saw your blog. its very informative for new comers

robin said...

if i ger pr in for canada under skilled category can i study further in canada

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