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Although there is no need to hire a Canadian Immigration Lawyer, but if you feel that it is impossible for you to know all the process of Canadian Immigration, its terms and meaning of the law than you may hire the services of a Canadian Immigration lawyer.

On the other hand, you can also find a free immigration lawyer on the net who gives you free advice on Canadian immigration matters. You do not have to pay a single penny for this free immigration service. Just write your queries in the comments and find the answers of your queries promptly.

Try to take out all your doubts with your free immigration advice on this blog, so that you can be more positive of the successful accomplishment of your migration application. This blog also helps in bringing out any unknown problems which you would have missed otherwise. See the comments of other peoples too so that you may prepare a solid case for your Canadian Immigration.


Anonymous said...

Dear Canadian Immigration Lawyer,
I am Shahzeb from dubai. Basically i belong to pakistan but have been here since 2005. I want to Immigrate to Canada.

Please guide me how can i assess my eligibility for Canadian Immigration?


Comrade said...

Dear Shahzeb,
First of all you have to tell me your qualification and working experiece in addition to your field of experience.

Anonymous said...

hi sir

v applied for pr sometime last yr our application back for some correction send it back in sept 2009,got a new file num since then v been checking..till now it says application been recieved by office,no processing yet...

shuja said...


First of all i must say this is a great platform
to get good information about immigration.

Me and my wife applied in 2006 and get file number in June 2006, we applied from Pakistan, we applied through consultant, we are worried when we will get our medical or further process for the finalization.

Anonymous said...

hi sir, im here in canada for 3 1/2 yrs, im applying for residency and now they are asking for police clearance from Dubai because i worked ther for a problem is im not sure if i can get one because when i left Dubai, i wasnt able to settle my credit card because as soon as i got my canadian work visa, i immediately left because my new employer wants me to be in canada ASAP.. my friend told me that the bank might have file a case against me because of the security cheque that they had me signed when i applied for credit card..will that affect my application? i need help pls! i only have 60 days to get one..

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