Centralized Intake Office For Canadian Immigration

If you are going to apply for Canada Immigration under skilled worker category, you will need to pay a courier fee to mail the necessary forms and documents to CIO in order to apply for Canadian Immigration.

CIO evaluates all sent applications for the correct completion of all essential fields together with a check for the payment of the processing fee by the candidate of Canadian Immigration. A remarkable point in this regard is that the CIO does not allow cash payments. Only Managers Check is received in the Canadian Dollars in the name of the Receiver General of Canada.

A Notice of appraisal for Canada Immigration is then received from CIO. This will give you with the basic instructions to get in touch with the Visa Office along with the unique reference number allotted to you. You will be further requested to put forward copies of all necessary documents and your application in the next 120 days to the Canadian Visa Office.

Once the Visa office has got your complete application, your application of Canadian Immigration would be checked to make certain that all required documents have been submitted. The Visa Office would then send an acknowledgment receiving letter to you. You will too find enclosed the file number and the details regarding the processing times.

Centralizing of the applications to Nova Scotia has played a major role in reducing the processing times for Canada immigration, which has previous been increased to 6-7 years.


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