Canadian Immigration - The International Graduate Visa program

With its energetic immigration policies, Canada welcomes thousands of new residents and short-term workers every year. For those concerned about moving to Canada, there is a variety of immigration options available, whether you are consider making a permanent move or seeking base yourself temporarily in one of Canada's fine provinces. With a standing of having practical and innovative promotion of its immigration policies, Canada remains an exceptionally well-liked destination for the relocation of individuals and families alike, providing for a variety of entry alternatives including skilled workers, entrepreneurs and investors. Though, students and recent graduates should be aware that Canada also keenly seeks those who have freshly graduated with high awards; an initiative termed the International Graduate Visa program.

The International Graduates visa, in its beginning, was conceived as an attempt to reduce the current and future education and skill shortages by providing an enticing alternative for foreign students with offers of jobs from Canadian employers. This program allows international graduates a safe and more rapidly progressing path to obtain their visa requirements for both temporary and permanent residency status. The program gives precedence to those graduates who can show their ability to put in to the Canadian economy for permanent residency, which is another smart feature of the initiative. The skills required vary depending on the provinces involved and the exact skill gaps that they need to be addressed.

The program is obtainable in the following provinces, presented in alphabetical order: Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Ontario, and Saskatchewan.

The essential criteria for all provinces comprise the requirement of completing a post-secondary qualification, being attained from an educational institute within the region, together with an offer of employment that relates to their field of expertise. Variations between the provinces for approval within the program include the necessity to have been employed with the same employer offering the full time place for a period of between 3-6 months before the application is filed. Moreover, some of the provinces will only recognize qualifications from institutions that they have deemed entitled, while some place precise restrictions of the specialties and the grades one must have attained.


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