What to Expect From Canada After Immigration

Canada is frequently referred to in bright terms; it is identical with the words "safe" and "multi-cultured”. Citizens speak at length at how the health-care system and the standard of living are very better than they expected or experienced in their root countries.

Canada is currently seeing continued economic growth compared to lots of other countries around the world, this is supported by subjective evidence that the major banks of Canada were not lent any money during the financial crisis and a stronger case pointing to statistics showing permanent employment has increased by 39,000 for the duration of the month of November, the third repeated monthly increase.

"Furthermore, as "baby boomers" more and more reach retirement age, the growth rate in the employment rate will progressively more negative as well. These two demographic factors must be added to the long-standing growth in terms of trade that growth means the purchasing power of Canadians is raising, taking the rise in the value of Canadian dollar with it.


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