Permanent Resident Card for Canada | IAD Residency Obligation Appeal

As a Permanent Resident Canada, if you are unsuccessful to meet the residency obligations, you can submit an application for Residency Obligation Appeal. You must do so within 60 days after the decision made by CIC.

1. The applicant may be present within Canada or may be staying exterior to the Canadian premises; CIC have to award you a travel document so that you become entitled to re-country the nation.
2. The claimant has the liberty to submit an application to IAD for a travel document. If IAD issues an order, CIC have to provide the same to permit the applicant enter the country for consideration. Lest the applicant is not there in person, the hearing would take place on telephone. IAD judge or the associate would hear your petition, on the basis of any proof provided by you.
3. The appeal would whichever be allowed or disapproved by the associate.
4. The applicant would be permissible to keep the Canada Permanent Resident Status in case of approval, but he or she will finish up losing it, in case of a rejection.

You have to keep prepared answers and record of dates along with you. For example, when you have been there in Canada, reasons why absent the premises, your summary in Canada, how losing your PR of Canada would affect you, who sponsored you, whether you have any family member in Canada, as well as others.


Anonymous said...

I want to know how long will take to get the whole process of permenet residency in Canada. I am a nurse, I want to come to Canada through permenet residency and start working there. SO how long will take for me to finish the whole process? Does it compulsory that I should have the employment offer to get a PR card in Canada.

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