The Refugee Protection Division of Canada

The Refugee Protection Division or RPD is one of the parts of The Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada. It hears cases on refugee claims and decides whether the applicants appearing truly need protection or are the ones who are meeting refugees.

Difference between Convention Refugees and Persons in Need of Protection:

Convention refugees;
Convention refugees is the expression given to those who have left their state of origin and are draped with a threat of deportation or abuse based on discrimination by religion, nationality, race, political views or connection with any social group.

2. Persons in need of protection;
Persons in need of protection are the ones who have a hazard of torture, face danger to their life or a danger of cruel treatment after they are removed from their country of origin.

How to make the claim?
The first step is to inform an Immigration officer. From there, your assert would be sent to RPD.
The claimant needs to provide evidence in support of the case and prove that the claim meets the requirements for being eligible for Refugee Protection Division.
After clearing the eligibility, applicant would be informed about the hearing, between which, the applicant has to fill the Personal Information Form.


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