US Immigration Vs Canada Immigration

US and Canada are both developed nations of the world. In addition, they both are among the biggest countries in terms of area. Be it US or Canada, you can look forward to the most excellent of everything in terms of communications, standard of living and other living conditions. You would find amazing or the other in each which makes it stiff for an immigrant to make a decision. As a result, this piece of writing is for those finding it hard to make a decision on which country to choose for.

Both USA and Canada are developed and technologically advanced; a small number of aspects could be taken for granted. USA is multitude to some of the world cities offering luxurious and shining amenities. These comprise New York, Atlanta, Houston, Los Angeles and Chicago and alike. Living in the richest and the most influential nation of the world has its own return. On the other hand, it is not awfully hard to get used to the culture and calm down in the United States. But then, some of its superlative cities and states are extremely costly providing excellence in return. The general language to converse is English which nowadays, is considered to be a worldwide language.

Conversely, Canada is still host to the customary colonial method of living. With the spirit of England still in integral, followed by French, it is the substance of languages that matter. Each province and territory in Canada offers something completely different unlike the United States. As a state, Canada offers loads of options for an immigrant. Though the country endeavors world class amenities, it also offers the low cost of living when contrast to the other countries, particularly the United States. Though, language is an issue the immigrant has to contract with. Therefore, he has to make sure that he knows the local tongue to interact and converse with people.

Both, USA and Canada greet the immigrants from all over the world with open arms. The job opportunities are appealing in the same way. There are no exact conditions to be followed for each state in the US when contrast to that of Canada. The American immigration policies comprise typically the Family Sponsorship programs for the immigrants and the only alternative is that of change of the work permit in to a Green Card. This procedure takes almost 5 – 8 years. A candidate wanting to immigrate to Canada has to submit an application under a specific program offered by the provincial government. In addition, an applicant applying for Canada immigration has to apparent under a Point Based System. A fit applicant can turn out to be a Permanent resident of Canada within 2 – 3 years.

USA, being an improved economy, offers better earnings opportunities when it comes to job opportunities. This leads a lot of Canadians immigrate to the United States. Though, Canada offers a slower pace of life. In together the cases, International Trade and Professional qualifications have to be accepted and licensed again.

So consider both and make a decision by yourself!


Anonymous said...

I agree to your points discussed. i beleive that you have done a lot of reserch while writing this piece of work. I am US citizen and thinking to move to Canada permanently. Doing researh on thr potential hazards of relocation of anada

Deidre Holland said...

As per my opinion usa is far better than canada in respect of its economy and job scenirio. Canada is far behind from USA and there are no jobs in Canada. Also the weather is extreme in canada and will chill your bones

Anonymous said...

Canada makes it easier to sponsor family members than the US does. In Canada, you will feel alot less like a number and more like an individual. Both governments are plagued with economic problems, but any hard working and educated person will find a good job in either country. In the US now it's temporary work, you have a job for 5 months, then its back to the drawing board. In Canada you spend longer to find a job, but are less likely to be frustratingly (and embarrassingly) forced to return to the land of the unemployed as a disposable.

Anonymous said...

There are many different opinions here. Deidre Holland is the only one who nailed it. For a well educated person such as a doctor/ scientist, etc., America is far better option. Many career opportunities and a far more entrepreneurial economy in US. America has it's own problems, I KNOW, but it's worth it, because wages are far better than Canada. MONEY IS IMPORTANT.

Anonymous said...

I am a citizen of Canada and USA.
Canada greater taxes. US less taxes.
Canada tight gun laws. US hardly any gun laws.
Canada a racist society. US less racist.
Canada free health. US has no free health.
Canada cleaner. US less clean.
Canada less job opportunity. US more opportunity.
Canadian people not friendly. US very friendly.
Can go on for ever.

Anonymous said...

I am also a dual citizen. People who have been in Canada early, have many job opportunities. The higher the level of education with skill the more opportunity everywhere in the world. People who've been in Canada as early as their teens to late 20s, have many career chances and don't necessarily need to Immigrate to the United States to find work. America has a lot of problems, even thought it's a good country still. March 27 is right about that, the rest is just 1/2 true.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Canada is a cold society when you actually view it from the inside. But as an outsider you see it as a friendly face. It's nasty here, people do not assimilate properly, Immigrants from all over the world. USA is about conformity. If you want to keep your native culture 100% just go to Canada. USA immigration is more challenging anyway which is a good thing. Canada has poor standards of who they let in. Higher the level of education the higher chance of landing a green-card if you don't win the lottery.

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