Modifications in Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program

In recent times, Prince Edward Island made changes to its Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). With the accomplishment of new amendments, immigrants will discover it easier to undergo the program so as to meet the requirements needed to get residency in Prince Edward Island.

In past, individuals who planned to migrate to Canada under the PEI PNP Entrepreneur Stream had to set down $25,000 as a proof of good faith, together with the intention of settling in the province. On the other hand, the sum gets refunded, given the applicant had lived in the province for 1 year. As indicated by the new amendment, this requirement has now been hassle-free.

Also immigrant entrepreneurs whose ability in English or French, being the two officially accepted languages in Canada is inadequate were required to place an amount of $20,000, that to be returned after they confirmed a certain level of language skills in either of the languages. With the alterations to the PNP, the PEI government lowered the standard for the official language skills.

The PNP is a federal-Provincial partnership among the governments of Canada and Prince Edward Island. The program was set up to speed up immigration to Canada for individuals, in addition to families who aim to settle in Prince Edward Island. As stated by the rules of the program, applicants must meet the essential requirement of having moderate skill in either of the two Canada’s official languages, English or French. PNP let applicants to immigrate under three categories;
(1) Skilled Worker
(2) Immigrant Entrepreneur
(3) Immigrant Partner


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