Immigrate to Canada away from the 38 Qualifying Professions

There are two further ways to meet the criteria as a Federal Skilled Worker that are not related to the 38 occupations by any means.

In the new regulations, so as to be eligible to have their applications processed, applicants must:

Have as a minimum of one year of permanent work experience in one of 38 occupations, recognized as the present most active occupations in Canada, within the past ten years;
Have an recommend of Arranged Employment in Canada;
Have been lawfully residing in Canada for no less than one year as a Temporary Foreign Worker or an International Student

Prospective applicants who have an offer of Arranged Employment in Canada but do not have job experience in the 38 qualifying occupations can still submit an application under the Federal Skilled Worker program providing that they can convene the minimum pass mark of 67 points in the present assortment system. They still should have as a minimum of one year of work knowledge in a Skilled, Professional or Managerial occupation, as defined in the National Occupation Classification (NOC).

A person can also submit an application to immigrate to Canada as a Federal Skilled Worker if he or she has lawfully lived in Canada as a minimum of one year on a Study Permit or a Temporary Work Permit, has at least one year of permanent work experience in any Skilled, Managerial or Professional occupation within the last ten years, and can meet the least pass mark of 67 points.


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