New Program Announced for Quebec Immigration

The Government of Quebec has appeared with a fresh Immigration program to boost PR status for abroad trained employees.

The Quebec Immigration Minister confirmed the news; affirming that their technology market is one of the division which undergo from the shortfall of skilled workers which leaves them with no alternative but to bank on workers from abroad workers in Canada.

This move would allow their financial system to keep hold of overseas workers and defeat the shortage faced by their technology sector excessively. The conference was also array with executives from the technology segment including executives from Montreal International, which are concerned in gratifying the demands of skilled workers in the market.

Bernard de Jaham from Montreal International confirmed that the program would support Quebec in fulfilling the deficiency of skilled workers faced by its technology market. This way they do not have to get assistance from the Canadian immigrants. He set that the program would make it simple for the immigrants to get a official document of selection, which is one of the vital factor to obtain a Permanent Residence.

The program is also decorated with a marketing factor, which is clear from their tag line: Montreal: For Your Career And For Your Life! With the intention of fulfilling the eligibility decisive factor, immigrants need to contain a work experience of a least of 12 months in Quebec, together with ability in the French language.


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