Government of Canada to support extended overseas foreign credential recognition services in China, India, the Philippines and the United Kingdom

Good news for the Canadian Immigration applicants who belongs to China, India, the Philippines and the United Kingdom.

More skilled immigrants to Canada will be capable of accessing the assistance needed to jump-start their documentation recognition process in the course of expanded overseas orientation services.

Canada wants newcomers to be capable of using their skills the moment possible in Canada. This funding will assist them jump-start the credential recognition procedure earlier than they arrive in Canada. It’s fine for them and superior for the Canadian economy.

Newcomers, particularly from China, India, the Philippines and the United Kingdom report foreign credential recognition as one of their top challenges once they immigrate to Canada. As fraction of the Economic Action Plan, the Government of Canada has allocated $50M over 2 years to hold up a common approach to foreign credential recognition to superior integrate immigrants into the Canadian labor market.



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