French Language Test for Canada Immigration

The officially recognized French Language proficiency test for Canadian Immigration is
TEF: Test d’évaluation de français
The Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry administers these tests. Like British Council administers IELTS.
You can either opt this as your first language or second language. French Test will give you extra points for Canadian Immigration.
Note: You must put forward results from the following TEF tests as evidence of your French language skills:
1. Compréhension écrite
2. Compréhension orale
3. Expression écrite
4. Expression orale
The following table shows the Canada Immigration points in each module of TEF: Test d’évaluation de français


Sonia said...

I want to appear in TEF from India. Where can i locate information on french test in india?

Comrade said...

Dear Sonia,
Consult the TEF official website

Ayesha Malik said...

The TEF is officially recognized by the French Ministry of Education for access to French universities. The candidates must take the compulsory papers and the optional written expression paper at the same time and must obtain a minimum level of five on the written expression paper (equivalent to C1 according to the Common European Framework).

Structure of exam
Three compulsory tests:

•Reading comprehension (60 minutes)
•Listening comprehension (40 minutes)
•Language structures and vocabulary (30 minutes)
Total length: two hours 30 minutes

Two optional tests:

•Writing (60 minutes)
•Speaking (35 minutes)

The TEF is also recognized by the Citoyenneté et Immigration Canada (CIC), part of the Canadian Federal Government, as the only French language test evaluating the French language skills of a candidate wishing to immigrate to Canada.

Period of validity

TEF results are valid for one year.

Comrade said...

Anonymous said...

I am confused about the total points of french test. If i give IELTS and obtain 10 points, how many points can i get through french test for canadian immigration

Khalid said...

How many maximum points can i get through french test if i am taking ielts also

Comrade said...

Dear Khalid,
You may obtain 9 extra points if you are taking french test also

Vicky said...

I want to know TEF has 4 sections , if after the result any student wants to improve the score of a particular section , can he/she do that by giving that particular exam only or he/she will have to give all the 4 sections again.

Anonymous said...

How do I go about preparing for this exam?

Comrade said...

from which country you want to take the test

Anonymous said...

L=8, S=7, W=7, R=5.5



Anonymous said...

Good morning all!

I wonder if someone can help me out by finding information as which exams are valid for Canada immigration and who conducts this in India?


Anonymous said...

can i get syllabus for french test, please

Comrade said...

contact to your nearest testing center

Anonymous said...

hi sandeep , u can get 2 point by giving TEF exam but for that u must have some basic knowledge of french. in my case in ielts , i have got overall 7.5 bands and have got max 16 point of english language . i have also cleared DEALF A2 level of french but for canadian immigration TEF is must to get points of french lang. if u some basic knowledge of french then there are chances that u can get 2 points thru TEf

Alok said...

is "delf" ok for canada immigration?

Anonymous said...

no alok DELF is not for immigration to canada through fast track skilled worker immigration but if you r applying for quebac then it will work

mandy toor said...

helllo...i am mandeep i had done i wanna come to canada so should i go for french much it will beneficial for me in future fo further studies.

Anonymous said...

i got 16 points in ilets....i need to give tef for 1 point...there are two exams for tef i think...basic and one more..i need to give both..plz put light on it..i am applying for fast track immigration.

Frenchfaster said...

We can get you at the A2 (level 2) proficiency level in 60-80h of french tuition, and B1 (level 3) in 80-100h. We use an accelerated learning approach - you need to know English well for this to be possible.

Najia said...

what are test type of "french" for immigration canada

Comrade said...

TEF is the only option

Zaher said...

I studied in paris and got my degree from a french university,do i still have to take the test if i am to immigrate to Quebec?isn't my B.A. proof of my proficiency in Frrench? I'm not a french citizen by the way.
Please help,thanks!

Anonymous said...

i need to know about TEF centers in world,because there is no such TEF in my country(sri lanka)

Anonymous said...

i have overall 7 band in which level in french test i should appear for canada immigration....nicks

Anonymous said...

HI all,
i submitted my case in 2008. however, i am running short of 2 points and i want to get it through TEF french test but i did not mention it while filling in form about french. so if i pass TEF test now will it be counted?

Anonymous said...

hii i want to get pr in canada i hv just done my greduation so plzz tell me wat i do for dis nd m from india (punjab)

surendra Mahato said...

dear sir
iam surendra from chitwan nepal, i want to prepare TEF test for add points in skill visa immmigrate canada, so sir for achieving that what level of french language i have to prepare.please give me detail information about it.
thank you.

sumandeep kaur said...

Hi to all

I need 4 point for QUEBEC PR.
I heard that DELF will not be valid for QUEBEC in future so TCF should be done.

Can anyone tell which tests are valid for QUBEC to apply in 2012. at

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