10 reasons to choose Canada Immigration

Canada is a heaven for the inhabitants particularly from the developing countries. With its superior opportunities for service in addition to individual growth, it is a place for those looking for a better quality of life and financial position.
Following are 10 reasons that make Canada among the most popular Immigration destination.

1. Canada is among the very first countries to have introduced immigration programs aligned with a Point Based System. The programs have fascinated thousands of immigrants over the previous few decades. This has led to the subsequent immigration of their relatives, friends and associates.

2. The immigration rules are not as strict as compared to other countries for instance Australia and USA, therefore are easier to meet the criteria. Additionally, despite the occurrence of worldwide recession, Canada has not reduced on its Immigration quota. In comparison, Australia has in recent times reduced its immigrant quota by 14%. A lot of other countries also have been reducing Immigration numbers.

3. Canada offers a huge selection of immigration and visa programs for the Skilled Workers, employed, self-employed and businessmen categories. This comprises federal and provincial nominee programs also. For those not meet the criteria under the Immigration programs, Canada offers non-immigrant alternatives for instance work permit and student programs.

4. Canada offers very beneficial social security benefits program for immigrants as well as their families. The country’s educational and health facilities are amongst the most excellent in the globe and financed.

5. After living a few years in Canada, you will get citizenship resulting in the claimant of Canadian passport. A Canadian passport holder enjoys a visa free journey for almost all major countries throughout the world.

6. Canada Charter of Rights and Freedom sanction the residents to live and work anyplace in Canada. Canada offers right of faith, customs, language choice and the liberty of expression.

7. Canada is the nearby to the USA and the NAFTA treat between Canada, USA and Mexico. It provides outstanding employment and personal growth opportunities. The physical movement across these borders is easy.

8. Canada is also a part of the Group-8 countries which guarantees a sure status in the developed world.

9. With huge wealth of natural wealth and minerals, including gas, water and oil, Canada offers a well-built emotional and personal security cover for immigrants and their subsequent generations.

10. Canada offers a dishonesty free environment that is amongst the slightest polluted in the world.

It is one of the oldest and the most trendy immigrations target around the globe. It is trouble-free to find citizens from different ethnicity and nationalities inhabiting in Canada. In general, Canada finds these immigrants an asset and an essential part in building its economy.


Anonymous said...

This article is amazing

Anonymous said...

I think we have to see other websites which are offering Canadian Immigration so as to get maximum information on Canadian Immigration

Anonymous said...

Can someone tell me about the life on toronto and jobs conditions in toronto.
I will be very thankful to him.

Comrade said...

Dear Aly,
Life in toronto is best in Toronto and it contains the maximum etnic groups in Canada.

Toronto is incredible

Anonymous said...

I guess the person who has this blog definitely works for immigration, I have lived here for more than 7 years and am highly qualified but still looking for a decent job and so are my friends. People like these are the ones who guide you wrong. There are no jobs in Canada especially for the educated immigrants and so please only come here if you really have planned to turn yourself into a labour class. Go to and read the facts and do let your friends know. The only gimmick is Canada and Canadians need immigrants money which is the main income and comes to appox $ 2.5 billion per year and from foreigh students it comes to $ 6.5 billion per year. So open your eyes and read before coming down. There are absolutely no jobs for educated this country is meant for labour class and they only believe in ’Dignity of Labour’.

Anonymous said...

I love this article Canada is great country.

Comrade said...

I agree that people are facing problems in geeting job in canada but it is not true for technical people. If your qualification is non technical than you will definately face problems in getting a good job in canada

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