Canada Immigration FAQ

What is Skilled Worker Class of Canadian Immigration?
The Skilled Worker Class is the most familiar and easiest method to get nationality of Canada. You will be evaluated on a point based system. You must obtain not less than 67 out of 100 likely points. You will be assessed and given points based on your age, work experience, education level, adaptability, arranged employment, and language proficiency in English and/or French. Your criminal record will be inspected in addition to your medical examination. The labor market situation will also be measured previous to approving your request.

What is Business Class Immigration?
The business class of Canadian Immigration is used by the self-employed, investors, and entrepreneurs. If you are freelance, you need to have experience in addition to the intentions and abilities to arrange a business that will promote you and Canadian Society. Or you should purchase a farm and have the aptitude to run it. If you are an investor, you should have knowledge in business and have a net worth of $800,000 CAD. You have to invest $400,000 Canadian into the Canadian economy too. If you are an entrepreneur, you must have skill in business, whether you have possessed shares in a business or owned a business. You will need to have a net value of $300,000 CAD, in addition to the skill to run and have possession of a business that creates no less than one full-time job. You have 3 years to do this once you have received your Permanent Resident Card.

What is Provincial Nomination?
Provincial Nomination is when a province of Canada selects you to shift to their province and reside there. You need to get in touch with the immigration office in the province you wish to live in and submit an application.

What is Family Class Immigration?
With family class immigration of Canada, your close relations who live in Canada can support your immigration to Canada.

What is Quebec-Selected Immigration?
Quebec-selected immigration is an additional process of Canadian Immigration. There are 6 different categories to submit an application for in this class. These comprise permanent workers, students, businessman, temporary workers, families, and sponsored refugees. The temporary workers and students should have a wish to turn out to be permanent immigrants.

What is International Adoption?
International adoption involves permanent residents of Canada adopting children from overseas countries.

What is a Permanent Resident Card?
When you are approved for the any of the immigration class that you applied for, you will be given a Permanent Resident Card. Once you’ve turn out to be a permanent resident and have lived in Canada for 3 to 4 years, you meet the requirements for Canadian Citizenship.

How to Get Canadian citizenship?
You must be no less than 18 years old, knowledge to speak and write in English or French, and know how Canadian civilization works. You must have lived in Canada for 3 to 4 years. You will take a trial on the structure of Canadian government and Canadian politics. This procedure can take wherever from a few months to numerous years. Once the procedure has been completed and you are accepted to be a Canadian citizen, you will be present at a citizenship ceremony. You will take delivery of your certificate of Canadian citizenship and can then submit an application for a Canadian passport.

What are benefits of Canadian citizenship?
Congratulations on completing the procedure and getting your Canadian citizenship. Enjoy the attractiveness of Canada and visit the United States and the other countries of the world often. You will take pleasure in living in Canada.


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