Canada - The New Immigration Super Power

As countries such as the US and Australia reduced the figure of immigrants they permit into their respected countries, Canada has appeared as the easiest and simplest country to emigrate to.

This has been reflected by the numeral of migrants taking up Canadian Immigration and moving there permanently, this year i.e. 2010 will see the addition of up to 265,000 fresh immigrants into the country - who settled there lastingly - its uppermost level for 15 years.

Jason Kenney, the Minister of Canadian Citizenship and Immigration has also stated his promised to sustain the Canada immigration program.

"We want all Canadians to recognize that, regardless of where you came from, when you turn out to be a Canadian citizen, Canadian history turn out to be your history and Canadian values become your values."

Over three quarters of the populace that go to Canada on a Canadian visa progress to be converted into full Canadian citizens - Canada has one of the uppermost naturalization levels in the globe.

Fraction of the progression in the Canada immigration program has seen a quick improvement in the amount of time taken to procedure Canadian visa applications.

The Canadian immigration practice that in the history could take 5 years to complete has been refurbished and reduced to a time-frame of 6-12 months. Canada, yet, still feel there is room for upgrading in the quantity of time it takes to get a Canadian visa.

Canada is taking steps to update its immigration process that will do well to all of Canada. Recently Canada has announced changes to our immigration systems as fraction of its action plan for faster immigration. This table, fundamentally, is a comprehensive series of improvements designed to accelerate processing of applications and make Canada's immigration system more closely associated and approachable to labor market needs.


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