Paper Marriages in Canada - Canada Marriage Immigration

Paper marriages in Canada or Marriages of convenience are not permissible under Canada’s immigration law. It is against the law to be married just to immigrate to Canada. Spousal sponsorship is a sober legal commitment and paper marriage or false marriages are not allowed at any cost for Canada Marriage Immigration.

When somebody gets married for the only reason of immigrating to Canada, this is identified as a marriage of convenience or paper marriage.

These are not allowed Under Canada’s immigration law. Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s officers are especially trained to identify genuine immigration applications, and they know how to become aware of paper marriages. They use various techniques to expose marriage fraud, including document checks, site visits and interrogate with sponsors and applicants.

Canada Marriage Immigration system is also set up in a way that dejects marriages of convenience and paper marriages. Anyone who wants to sponsor their partner to immigrate to Canada makes a solemn legal promise. As part of this promise, sponsors should support their spouse or partner for 3 years, even if the association fails. If the couples disintegrate and the sponsored person gets social assistance, the sponsor has to pay back the sum of social assistance the former spouse received. Given the official obligations, sponsorship must not be taken lightly, and everyone is accountable for ensuring that their marriage is genuine.

CIC recognizes that even genuine marriages can be unsuccessful. On the other hand, if a person enters into a marriage of convenience and comes to Canada as an immigrant, enforcement stroke can be taken. Which can result in exile, and is the job of the Canada Border Services Agency.


Alicia Rhodes said...

But people are still obtaining visa thrugh paper marrages

atq_2010 said...

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Anonymous said...

i want to pepper marriage for canada

Anonymous said...

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Raza said...

i like and i wish i want to pepper marriage for canada girl.

DNB KHAN said...

but peoples are still paper married in canada .i know a guy His name is sarfraz ahmed date of birth is oct 6 1986.He is not living with woman paid money .Even i told Immigration but they are doing nothing.canadian immigratin is fool you can do what ever you want

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