Sample Job Offer Letter from Canadian Employer

[On Letterhead]

[Company’s Logo]
[City], [State] [Zip]


[Candidate Name]
[City], [State] [Zip]
Dear [Candidate Name]:
[Company Name] is contented to offer you the position of [Position Title] at XYZ city Manitoba. In this place you will be reporting to [Name of Supervisor]. The initial salary offered for this role is $75,000 yearly, paid every one week. You will also be arranged options for xxx shares of Stock Options at an exercise price to be resolute by the Board of Directors of the Company. Your beginning date with [Company Name] will be [Date] and you will be working from [Address, City, State, and Zip]. This offer will end [Time] on [Date].

Please note that your service with the Company is for no particular period and constitutes "at will" service. Consequently, you are free to resign at any time, for any cause or for no cause. In the same way, the Company is free to terminate its service relationship with you at any time, with or with no cause.

Your reception of this offer and start of employment with the Company are dependent upon your implementation of the Company’s standard form of Confidential Information and creation Assignment Agreement (the “Confidentiality Agreement”), a copy of which is together with this for your evaluation and execution, before or on your Start Date.
On your first day of service, you will be providing with extra information about the objectives and policies, profit programs and common employment conditions. To accomplish federal recognition requirements, you ought to bring documentation to support your individuality and eligibility to work in Canada.

We are satisfied to have you bond the [Company Name] team as a constituent of what we feel is an association that offers each worker an opportunity for personal and specialized development. If you have any questions, please do not be uncertain to contact me at [Phone Number]. We look forward to working with you in the upcoming, and wish you will find your service at [Company Name] a worthwhile experience.

[Company Name]

By:____________________________________ Date: __________________

By:____________________________________ Date: __________________
Candidate Signature


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