Strict Rules of UK Student Visa

A major fix is heading to be introduced in the UK student visa policies, announced the UK immigration minister Damian Green. The UK is all set to close the entry for approximately 120,000 foreign students coming to the UK from non-EU nations to learn undergraduate courses.

In the meantime, it is emerging that the temporary UK student visitor visas will be exempted from reforms. Temporary UK student visitor visas permit non-EU foreign students to study and reside in the UK for a maximum period of six months. The year 2009 saw influx of a total of 37,715 overseas students coming to the UK to study.

The government of the UK is heading for improvement the student immigration scheme since it accounts for almost two-third of the total immigration in the nation yearly.

The proposals previous to the UK Home Office comprise:
• Restricting issuance of UK student visas to just degree level courses and above;
• Making sure that all overseas students return back to the respective nations after winning completion of their study courses in the UK;
• Introduction of strong entry criteria for mature foreign students;
• Limited right to work in the UK for foreigner students after graduation;
• Limiting the ability of allowing the dependents to come to the UK.

Immigration minster Green said that though he did accept the truth that Britain was a favored destination for studying abroad but all these regulations are in adjust with the require to bring down levels of UK immigration to a sustainable limit.

Chairman of UK think tank Migrationwatch Sir Andrew Green welcomed the changes. On the other hand, he expressed his dissatisfaction at keeping out of the UK student visitor visas from such reforms adding that this route is evenly susceptible to abuse just as the lasting route.

Theresa May, the UK Home Secretary expressed concerns that the UK is not attracting the most excellent and the brightest talent from abroad. Therefore, the aim of the UK government is to let only those foreign students whose reason is to come to the UK to study here and not to use this route to get jobs and stay here lastingly, May added.

She reiterated that there is a critical need to stop maltreatment of the UK student visas at the earliest.


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