USA – The Top Target for Immigrants

The US has turn out to be the top target for immigrants from all over the world, findings of a latest survey disclosed. The most recent official statistics show that there are approximately 43 million foreigners living in the US and the nation expects the influx of at least one million immigrants each year.

A study by INED- a Demographic Studies Institute of France published in November this year exposed the list of nations having uppermost number of migrants.

The study also discovered names of the nations from where millions of immigrants approach from. It was found that most of immigrants were leaving their native nations to the developing economies to obtain jobs there; on the other hand, there was large-scale movement of migrants from one developing nation to a new.

In accordance with an estimate by the UN published previous this year in the ‘The Guardian’, immigration in the US was far in front of Russia which presently has around 12.3 million foreigners.

The figure of immigrants in the US in the year 1980 was approximately 4.5 million and it reached to 11.3 million by the year 2000. This comprised 13 percent of the total inhabitants of the US. By the 20th century when the US saw a huge sign of immigration, the percentage of immigrants in the US population reaches 15 percent. The yearly migratory balance in the US for the precedent five years is around 1 million each year.

Though, the figure of immigrants in the US population is just 13 percent at the same time as the figure of immigrants in Canada is around 21 percent. Canada has around 7.2 million immigrants currently.

The percentage of immigrants in Australian inhabitants is 21 percent while its 10 percent in the UK population (with a total of 6.5 million immigrants living in the UK as of now). The percentage of immigrants in nations with smart tax system is high.

Some of the nations having elevated percentage of immigrants in its population are Monaco (with 72 percent), Singapore (with 41.5 percent), Luxembourg (with 36 percent) and Switzerland (with 23 percent). And as stated by the top source nations from where the migrants come are Mexico (supplying 10 million migrants), India (with 9 million) and Bangladesh (with 6.8 million).


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