NOC 1122 Canada CAP

As defined in the policy of Canadian Immigration, there is a cap on all 29 occupations. CIC will receive only 1000 applications for each occupation including NOC 1122. At present, NOC-1122 applicants will be No More approved for 2010-2011 year of Canadian Immigration because it has received its limit.


Anonymous said...

one of my Collegue received A letter that They Have filled out the quota of 1000 for 2010-2011.

Anonymous said...

I am in doubt from the news. How can CIO decide that they have 1000 applicants already?

Also i think they will not just refuse applications without having an official announcement as they know its a very sensitive issue.

I would recommend your friend provide some proof to you; for example: letter from the CIO..

Wayne said...

It's not 1000 winning applicants. It is 1000 "measured for processing", which the majority of people seem to agree is AOR sent to visa office. With 20,000 totals measured for processing a certain % of those will be rejected at visa office so essentially not the entire 20,000 will be granted visas.

Since no one has reported any kind of AOR for post-June-26th applicants I have uncertainty this is true. But, the problem with this is that by the time a NOC is filled with 1000 for processing, a lot of applications beyond that will have been received. It is likely that 1000 previously in more than a few NOCs are potentially full, but even CIO won't know this awaiting they do the eligiblity reviews.

Anonymous said...

considered for processing - it means they unlock your application and begin checking, and when you go through errors CC charging stage - it means you are previously think about for processing, they waste their time to determine your eligibility - so this is counted as +1 to CAP.

First AORs of post-june-26 applicants will be as a minimum at December, so they cannot take delivery of myriad of applications, because they are already on the edge of filling CAP.
In October CAP will be filled totally, so if you don't launch your applications - speed up.

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