5 Steps of Landing in Canada After Immigration

After getting the Canadian PR, there are a range of post landing things which the immigrant have to remember to have a comfortable moving and post landing resolution in Canada. Keep in mind as well that you can go into Canada on a PR visa through any of the three ways – Air, Sea or land.

1. After arriving in Canada, the immigrant would be welcomed by an official from the Canada Border Agency. The migrant would be asked to show his/her passport in addition to other legal documents meant for tour purpose. It is advised to remain these important papers in hand in order to keep away from any kind of wait.

2. Documents which would be asked to show contain passport with duly stamped visa that will permit you entry as a resident, journey documents like right of landing papers, your legal permanent resident visa, evidence of your financial funds that can be used during the resolution phase and Confirmation of Permanent Residence. All these documents must be used previous to their end.

3. Settlement Funds: The applicant must carry the required settlement funds as indicated by the number of family member who formed part of his immigration application. Failure to show these funds at the port of entry may mean negative response of entry by the visa officer. The funds might be in any form, be it cash, money orders, cheques, stocks and alike. Additionally, Applicants coming to Canada with more than C$10,000 are requisite to release the details to the official of Canada Border Agency. Failing to do so might lead to fine or captivity for the applicant.

4. You will make a request for Canada permanent resident card at the time of first entry on permanent resident visa. You must be prepared with a local Canadian City or provincial address to which related documents and cards can be mailed to you.

5. Make it a point to diagram your first visit to Canada on permanent resident visa to be of as a minimum of 8 weeks. That is the time that it can get permanent resident card to be delivered to you. At times, there can be mistake in photographs etc. and the Canadian Government might like to you reapply for Permanent resident ( PR) card or get yourself photographed again. Same state of affairs may happen as regards Social insurance number card (SIN Card) as well. Remember that permanent resident visa is fine for one time entry only. Subsequent visit requires you to present PR card for entry into and exit from Canada. In case of a mistake in PR or SIN Card, you will require to submit an application for a special one-time entry permit from a Canadian visa post situated in your country of origin or the country of which you are presently resident. That means extra expense on travel for the similar purpose of getting your permanent resident status validated and more decisively, problem. So, do not depart Canada during the first time visit unless you have suitable PR and SIN card for self and the entire family, who formed part of the your application for permanent resident visa to Canada.

The immigrant may be asked a small number of questions concerning the essentials required to immigrate to Canada. This would be done for entry officer’s approval that the applicant is meeting the pre-requisites to enter the country.

Subsequent to clearing all the questions, the applicant will obtain the authority from the officer to enter the nation after verify your mailing address. The candidate would get his or her permanent resident card by mail at his or her address. Remember that you might be landing with heavy baggage and your airport or land or sea pick-up is in place, when you acquire out into Canada!


Anonymous said...

Hi! I am a PR holder but I don't possess yet the PR Card. It's my first month here in Canda. I want to know if I can return to my country of origin even if I don't have yet the PR Card? Is it possible that I'll have my PR Card mailed to me by a friend as soon as my friend receive it? I need an expert advice. Please help! :-(

tajinder said...

hi i got pr , but my city of destination is toronto? i hust want to know that can i go any where in canada after landing?

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