AEO IELTS Vs British Council IELTS

IELTS is acronym of International English Language Test that is arranged by two examination bodies British Council and AEO (Australian Education Organization).

Both AEO and British Council have a good reputation worldwide. They are really popular among the students. As a lot of Students submit an application for an IELTS Test every day and they are really confused about choice between AEO and British Council because very much worried about their band score so they are really cautious in selecting the examination body through which they will attempt the test.

Below is a comparison between AEO IELTS Vs British Council IELTS:

Two Modules Listening and Reading are the similar in both AEO and British council as there is an answer key to questions which is followed by examiners. The remaining two modules writing and speaking also do not have a marking difference. Although British council of Pakistan is polite and tries its level best to give maximum advantage to students. On the Other Hand, AEO is also very good in this case. Their Examiners are fresh and try their level best to pump a candidate do well.

The Speaking test prepared by British council is always great. They have old and experienced ladies who are really calm and are extremely caring. They try their level best to give the maximum advantage to a candidate. Conversely the Speaking examiners of AEO are young and really of good frame of mind. They smile at intervals and treat the Candidates as their Friend.

When it comes to writing, both British council and AEO Examiners have good marking criteria and they try to award authentic marks to a candidate who is appearing into the test.

British council charges Rs 11,000 PKR for the test while AEO charges Rs 14,000 Pakistani Rupees for the test. Students have direct right of entry to AEO offices while British Council only accept correspondance through some branches of Standard Chartered Bank.

British Council has just one benefit that they provide wireless headphones for Listening that is good for Candidates.

My judgment to students who are confused to choose whichever of British Council or AEO for IELTS that both have similar international standards and British Council has an advantage over AEO in terms of fee structure and wireless headphones in listening test.


Anonymous said...

I am also very much confused about two centers.what are the main difference between them? But now i am good to know that they both have just price difference and one more is british has wireless system so both have same standard of english.

Anonymous said...

i will suggest u to go for british council the marking is good and the best thing is the wireless headphones from british in the other u wont get headphones in aeo and its difficult to hear the speakers volume

Ahmad said...

I've given a test at AEO a couple of years back in Sept 2009, it was for Academic IELTS and I scored 8 band. The listening test was good, in my honest opinion. There was a complete silence in the hall, the speaker volume was good, the cassettes/CDs were clear and I had no problems in listening to the test material. My test was in Islamabad, I don't know about the other centers.

Anonymous said...

its a lie that british council provide headphone,this is the low standard of them and fess is also 13900 rs .the main problemis they dont provide headphone and lots of noise ther

Anonymous said...

it would have been much better if they provide headphone which is necessary

Anonymous said...

AEO has earlier test dates as compared to british council. as of today, there is a difference of 2 months.So I would go with aeo. Dont want to waste my 2-3 months.

asad said...

o thanks i was also very confused that wich is better british or aeo but i wanna go in australia so if i want to go australia then obviously i should to preparation in aeo test plz help me what shou;d i do

Anonymous said...

what is real fee of ielts test and where i have send the money?

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