IELTS for Spouse in New Zealand

Your spouse and each of your children aged 16 and above can demonstrate they meet the minimum standard in the following ways.

• Show us they have an English-speaking background

• Show us they are a competent user of English

• Endow with an IELTS certificate with an in general band score of at least 5 in the General or Academic module.

• Demonstrate that they have a renowned qualification that was taught completely in English. If they gained the qualification in New Zealand, it have to have taken at least two years to complete, if not it is a postgraduate qualification. If it is a postgraduate qualification, they have to also have an undergraduate qualification that can achieve at least 50points under Skilled Migrant Category.

Your spouse also meets the minimum standard if they are presently working in skilled employment in New Zealand, and have been for at least 12 months. Your partner must be able to score points for the employment. You will only get bonus points for your partner’s skilled employment in New Zealand if they meet the minimum standard of English language set for principal applicants.



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