SPP for Refused Students

•Whenever a SPP visa is rejected a reason for visa refusal is sent to the student and student can plea CHC that his/her case should be analyzed again. At the same time as putting up an appeal for visa negative response the student have to put forward the documents consistent with the reason for approval. The CHC evaluate those documents and then think again its choice about visa and if lucky visa is granted.

•A student can submit an application only once under SPP in an intake so in case visa is declined the student can not submit an application again in SPP for that particular session. So there are two alternatives left either submit an application again in subsequent session under SPP or submit an application in same session but not under SPP


RAHUL said...

sir my student visa was refused under spp in may intake 2011 and i have no much financial support if i apply for general canada student visa.So it is my request to you if i can apply for student visa under spp in september intake 2011 i am very thankfull to you if you advise my email is

pretty said...

Dear Sir

My visa under spp was rejected in 2010 foe september 2010 intake. now please suggest me that should I re-apply under SSP for this year's september 2011 session under SPP.
Shall be very thank ful to you.
please reply me at

maninder said...

can a refused non spp case in may intake apply under spp in sep intake...........................plz rply

Anonymous said...

dear sir if visa is refused once under spp, can it be apply again ?
or can i appeal for that, if yes what will be included in that appeal?

please reply soon waiting for your result.

Music Mania said...

hey everyone !

i have applied for study visa under spp but i got rejected last month now the agent told me that there is another way to get visa if anyone sponser me from canada i can apply for the same intake .. i have my mom`s sis ( my aunt ) living there . they got 2 big houses they are very well settled there they have enough money to support my studies in canada .. so i am applying now again can anybody tell me what the chances of my visa approoval.

I am 23 yrs old girl i hv done 3 yrs animation course and now i am going for 3 yrs advance diploma in graphic design .
even though my line line is same dont knw y i got my visa rejected under spp.. so now i am applying for the same course but through sponsership way … pls reply will this tym i able to get my study permit for canada

my education history :

2004 -10 cbse
2006 -12 cbse
2006-2007 – it course
2007-2010 – animation course

i have submitted these documents but still i got refusal the reason was …

Your proposed studies are not reasonable in light of one or more of:your qualification,previous studies,employment,level of establishment,other educational opportunities available in India or Canada,language abilities ,or your future prospects and plans.

so pls suggest me i am thinking to not to put the it cirtificate this time may be because of that i got rejection. pls suggent me waht else can i do pls pls reply asap ! thanx ! x

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,

i had applied in Humber college for Diploma in tourism management under SPP jan intake 2012 the course is for 2 years and had submitted all my relevant documents on 24th Oct whereas today i.e. 29th oct i had received a call from my consultant that student visa has been refused by consulate and the reason mentioned is the gap between the studies and the application…and he has asked to make an appeal again based on further more documents…I would like to knw whether this type of appeal works and if so what is the overall time period such appeal takes and the expense..

Brief information of mine:

Completed Bcom in 2004 and than i had completed my Diploma in international airline and travel management as well as IATA/UFTAA foundation course which is certification course of canada in 2005.
since than i was employed in a PVT company till date and had put up all my docs for the visa still got a rejection due gap….

IELTS score 6.5 Bands

Awaiting your reply thanks….

Comrade said...

How will you justify the gap?

rohith said...

My visa was rejected under SPP for jan intake.Im applying for visa under general category. Wat are the chances of getting a visa under General category.The reason for rejection was

Your proposed studies are not reasonable in light of one or more of:your qualification,previous studies,employment,level of establishment,other educational opportunities available in India or Canada,language abilities ,or your future prospects and plans

uzumaki said...

may intake????? or sept intake????
may intake chances of getting visa ?????

uzumaki said...

visa chances for may intake ???? as in this session few colleges and a very few courses are available ????

Comrade said...

Intake doesn't matter. Your eligibility matters

plamt said...

i applied for my canadian visda under spp and got rejected. the reason was that apparently the course im going for doesnt add up with the degree i already have. this is so absurd. i have already paid my tution fees and everything. what can i do? can i ask for a reconsideration or is that pointless. and when can i re apply for a visa again? my classes start ina month so i guess im out of time :(

Patel said...

Hello, I would like know if I am eligible to apply under SPP category
10Th - 66%
12th - 59%
Bcom-48% (2006)
PG course (want to pursue) - International Business Management
Working since 6years
Also If I am not, then do I qualify for general category?

Anonymous said...

i applied for canada visa under spp for sep 2012 intake and got rejected. can i again apply visa for jan 2013 under spp????

saunak said...

hiii student visa is rejected on 23 aug 2012....and the reson is the low income....can i apply in spp for january 2013 intake...reply me at

Deep Singh said...

Hello, This Is Hardeep Singh and i got rejection under spp in Sept. 2012. They gave me following reason:-

You have not satisfied me that you will leave Canada by the end of the period authorized for your stay because:
Your proposed studies are not reasonable in light of one or more of the following : your qualifications, previous studies, employment, level of establishment, other educational opportunities available in India (the country of the applicant) or Canada, language abilities, or your future prospects and plans.
You have submitted documentations which lacks credibility as part of your application. This has diminished the overall credibility of your submission.

You have not satisfied me that you have sufficient for living costs and tuition for your first year of study, and return transportation without working in Canada because:

the supporting financial documents you have provided show large deposits inconsistent with your income. You have not provided adequate documentary evidence regarding the origin of these funds.

Friends, i passed out from +2 with 65% marks in both non-medical and medical and took mechanical engineering technician course in Humber College and all subjects have marks above 50%, also i took loan of Rs. 650000/- and gave first year fees of Rs. 704023/-.
So, please help me regarding this case. Why i got refusal and can i apply for Jan 2013.

Anonymous said...

my description------ 10th - 67%,12th - 67%,ielts 6 bands.course - culinary management, Algonquin college. for jan 2013 applied visa under spp. but refused.Reasons - 1> not satisfied with financal support. 2> course not match. now, I 'M TAKING a loan of 9 lacs and liquid fund -15 lacs , fixed assets -30 lacs. payed fees of institution for May intake.2013
Course - travel and tourism, Seneca college. Can i get visa. email i.d -

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