Canada Student Visa Interview Question Samples (Part 1)

The following are a number of of the important sample questions that might be asked during the interview for the student visa of Canada

1. How are you doing?
Answer: Fine, thank you.
Tip: You don't have to be nervous and answer in a formal way. This question is basically asked to make you comfortable.

2. Have you ever been to Canada previously?
Answer: Yes I have been visited to Canada on one occasion in 2008 on a tourist Visa.
No, I have not been gone to Canada up to now.
If yes then it is worthwhile to keep in mind the date of last influx and exit from Canada.
Tip: Despite the fact that Visa officer has the evidence of all your visits to Canada but you have to tell them the reality. If you have been there then you must memorize the date of arrival and departure.

3. Why do you wish for studying in Canada?
I would like to go there to pursue my Masters degree in Computer Science.

4. Why Canada? Why not UK, Australia or USA?
Answer: For the reason that there are ample research facilities and worldwide exposure obtainable in Canadian multicultural society. I will be totally equipped in terms of practical exposure, by being getting in touch with dissimilar people from different nations, share diverse ideas and working with the most excellent technology.
Tip: Visa officer wants to know your intentions to go to Canada. At the same time as you are applying for student Visa so you must only talk about that.

5. Why did you choose this college / university of Canada?
Answer: I was eager to study in a university which can give me value education so at the same time as searching a variety of options I found that this university has got the most excellent faculty obtainable in my subject. Even the research facilities are great. Furthermore it is listed in the top 50 universities of the world with well known experts as its Alumni's.
Tip: You must use the website and handbook of your university cautiously. Pen down some decorated features for instance World ranking, the research facility, the faculty outline, Alumni profile etc. Visa officer wants to know the cause behind joining the exacting University.

6. For which course are you going?
Answer: I am going for MSc in Computer Science for the fall 2011 session.
Tip: You must get through the course content cautiously. You ought to know everything such as: Duration of course, Fee, start and end date, Credits points, curriculum and alike regarding your course.

7. Why did you choose this course?
Answer: MSC in Computer Science is correlated to my previous studies as I have done my BSC (Computer Science) and I would like to carry on my education in the same line of work. Furthermore I am quiet interested in Computer Networks and this course includes a variety of modules related to that. Tip: You must be very apparent about your upcoming plans after doing this course. Prepare a good statement mentioning regarding: How course is appropriate to your previous degree, how this course adds value to you summary, why you are paying attention in doing this course etc.

8. Why don't you do this course in your country?
Similar course in my country is totally academic. While the same course in Canada comes together with Internship and many project work. Internship and projects will provide me a lot of practical information. After completing the course I will not obtain only the degree, but also knowledge in the field. Also, the research facilities are not that great in my country.
Tip: You must know what dissimilarity the course would bring to you if done from Canada in place of your country. If the course is not obtainable in your country, you can tell the Visa Officer that it is not offered in your country. If the same course is accessible in your country, draw attention to the differences in the excellence of education and the course structure in your country and Canada. You ought to influence the Visa Officer that doing this course from Canada will add worth to your profile. Talk about some researches being conducted in that field. Technical words always work when other things do not.


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