Green Card 2013

It is the vision of lots of people to work in the US, as a minimum for a few period of time. There could be a lot of reasons why people think so. But whatsoever be the motivation factor, you must apply for green card 2013 to work in USA. The green card lottery is held by the US State Department and approx 50,000 visas are issued yearly under DV Green card Lottery and same the case will in 2013.

There is, certainly, some eligibility criteria that require to be satisfied by those who would like to submit an application for the Green card 2013 visa. This lottery is usually held two years ahead; in case you desire to go and work in the US in 2015, you have to have applied for the dv green card in 2013.

After applying for the US DV green card, a set of documents must be submitted that is then verified by the relevant authorities. There are more than a few factors that could affect your chances at this lottery. different the money lotteries where every person has an equal chance of winning, the dv green card lottery of USA favors people with a certain conditions; every year citizens from only certain countries are allowed to contribute in this lottery and they also require to meet the set educational and work experience to even be consider for the green card.

Why Register for The Green Card Lottery 2013?
There are only some ways of lawfully becoming a US citizen. Either you would have to wait a couple of years and then submit an application for the green card or list for the green card lottery right away. If you have the necessary education and work experience qualifications, and your state is one of those talk about in the US Department of State list for that exact year, you’re at a greater benefit of winning the green card lottery. If your name or the family’s name is selected, you turn out to be a permanent resident through this technique, without having to wait for an extensive period of time.

Who Is Eligible for the US Green Card Lottery 2013?
Before you put forward the application for the US dv green card lottery, it would be a levelheaded idea to collect some information on how strong your application would be for the green card. Section 203 Immigration and the Nationality Act would state the countries that are entitled to submit an application for the green card that exacting year. The US looks at the six regions which haven’t had more than 50,000 immigrants extending larger than the last five years. To boost your chance at the green card lottery you require being from one of these six countries. In addition, the requirements include:

•Make sure that the online application reaches well previous to the deadline to keep away from being rejected on the grounds that you submitted the form after the last date.
•At least two years of your specialized experience must take in training. in addition, two years of your last five years, you must have worked in an “entitled” profession—a line of work that is on the list issued by the US State Department, as one of the decisive factor for entering into the green card lottery.

What Happens After Your Application of US Green Card?
To go into in the green card lottery “struggle”, you have to present an online application at the US Department of State once you the year’s eligibility list is announced. Since just 50,000 visas are issued, you have to obtain your application well within time. If all the applications are in order, then those populaces who are the firsts to have applied have a better possibility at first rate this “game”. Once you have applied for the dv green card, you just have to stay until the last date for submission of the forms. You would be told when you would take delivery of your “Notice of Approval” from the State Department.


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i want to know whether pakistan is included in the list of lottery.

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Getting a green card through the application process varies with different options available to apply. You can obtain one through marriage. The form I-130 the Petition for Alien Relative can be filed by a U.S. Citizen or U.S.

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Nigeria in this year program for 2013?

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Omg, you are an idiot, you who wrote it, learn English first and then post something!

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