Need Of New Law to Combat Immigration Queue Jumping

Canada, with its very little birthrate, needs more and more deserving immigrants to stock up or increase its population. What Canada doesn't need are queue jumpers who make hatred of our well-liked and expensive immigration system.

For this reason, Prime Minister Stephen Harper is right to press in front with legislation aimed to curb the smuggling of humans into Canada, in spite of threats by Liberal, NDP and Bloc MPs to kill it.

"Canadians are very apparent," Harper said last week. "We require changes in our laws to confirm the enticement exist in the system to give confidence and recompense those people who decide to go through the proper channels."

Introduced in October, the new law would add to penalties for those found responsible of human smuggling. And the resistance parties don't object to that. What they don't like, as a Post media News report makes clear, are measures that would punish asylum seekers, for instance the Sri Lankan refugee claimants who land on B.C. shores this summer amid a squall of controversy.

Opposition MPs say it's unjust to label those run away persecution as queue jumpers. And Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff has urged the Harper government to return to the drawing board. There obviously has to be a equilibrium in any new legislation among helping genuine refugees and disappointing those who are simply trying to sneak into the country unlawfully.

The truth is, though, that Canadians' friendliness has been taken benefit of for too long. And the longer Ottawa waits to battle the disfigurement of unlawful immigration, the worse it will be both for taxpayers and for those who wait long-sufferingly in line to come here through usual immigration channels.

Canada is a large, wealthy country that needs fresh immigrants. But it must also guard its dominion and stop being treated as a soft touch by fake asylum seekers . . . and those hard-bitten criminals who prey on them. That just brings our whole immigration system into disrepute.


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