Green Card 2013 – DV 2013

The US Diversity Visa Program for the year 2013 is also known as American Green Card Lottery DV-2013. Successful candidates in the DV Green Card Lottery might take delivery of an Immigrant Visa or American Green Card, and the right to reside and take job in the United States of America.

The authorized date for US Green Card Lottery DV-2013 is from about noon Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) (GMT-4), on October 5, 2011, to around noon Eastern Standard Time (EST) (GMT-5), November 3, 2011.

Starting about October 5, 2011, you can apply online at the official Government Green Card Lottery website. There is no charge to go into the Green Card Lottery. The single place where you can put forward your official entry form is at Hence, go there to put forward your official entry and digital photo without any cost. Information on how to submit your application and digital photo is on that same page.

Essential Note for Those Who Entered Last Year's Green Card Lottery DV-2012:

The US Government has posted imperative information regarding last year's Green Card Lottery at their official website. In a word, their computer made key errors, so the official results will not be obtainable until after July 15, 2011.

If you were successful in previous year's Green Card Lottery DV-2012 you have to use the confirmation number you were mechanically given when you submitted your official entry at the Government's authorized entry site last year. Remember that only you were given your verification number and no one else knows that number.

CAUTION: Never give anybody to put forward your official Green Card Lottery entry for you. It is simple to put forward your own official entry for free. The US Government does not call winners and does not send email messages to successful applicants. You have to check manually on website. And from this year the US Government will not post letters to lottery winners.


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