Invitation Letter for Business Visa

While writing an invitation letter for business visa, keep in mind that it should be concise and to the point. Never give any unnecessary information in your invitation letter for business visa and always print it on your company’s official letterhead.

Following is a good sample of invitation letter for business visa. Although this letter is written specifically for US Business visa but it can also be used for the business visa of other countries such as Australia, UK, Canada, Russia and Ireland.

Sample Invitation Letter for Business Visa

32 Example Street
Jersey City, NJ 69888

November 01, 2011

Consulate General of USA

Re: Issuance of Business Visa to Mr. Charles Anderson

Dear Sir / Madam:

We are writing to request a business visa for Mr. Charles Anderson, Senior Operations Manager of TATA Consultancy, New Delhi India, who will visit USA in January 2012.

During his visit, he will meet with our business partners in Jersey City to talk regarding issues of business collaboration. Since Mr. Anderson is anticipated to visit USA multiple times in the near future, we would be grateful if you could issue him a multiple entry visa.

Our company will be financially responsible for Mr. Anderson’s visit, including roundtrip airfare, room and board in addition to other miscellaneous expenses.

In case of any questions, please feel free to contact us during office time at (999) 999-9999 or send me email [Official Email Address Here].


Sara Smith
Managing Director
XYZ Company


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This is the letter i was looking for. Thank you for sharing

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Can i use this type of letter for UK business Invitation Letter?

Peter said...

At the US Consulate General, applicants for a USA Business Visa will have a chance to give details and reasons for travelling to the United States for Business Purpose and present supporting credentials.
An invitation letter for Business Visa of USA will help establish that the applicant has a reliable reason for traveling.
It is significant that applicant answer honestly to the consular officer's questions. Applicants must not present fallacious documents.
Making fake statements or presenting forged documents to a consular officer is a severe offense and could result in becoming permanently disqualified to travel to the United States.

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