Guest Invitation Letter to USA

While writing a guest invitation letter to USA for visitor visa purpose, keep in mind that you have to assure the visa officer that your guest will leave USA before the expiry date of visa. Also make him sure that there is no intension of your guest to live permanently in U.S. Show his strong ties with his country of origin.

Always write a short letter and keep it to the point. Look at the following Sample to get the idea what should be written in the invitation letter.

Guest Invitation Letter to USA

32 Example Street
Atlantic City NJ 65999

April 11, 2012

Consular Officer
United States (Consulate or Embassy)
(City), (Country)

Re: Visitor Visa Request for Ms. Mary Wright

Dear Sir / Madam:

My name is John K. Smith, H1B visa holder and employee at Microsoft Corporation in Atlantic City, New Jersey, where I am working as a Senior Network Manager. A transcript and a copy of my Employment Certificate and Pay Slips and Income Tax Returns are enclosed herewith as proof of my employment.

[Write the purpose of visit of your guest in the second paragraph]
I wish to invite my cousin to visit me in order to attend my wedding ceremony which will held in June 12, 2012. She will also visit different picnic and leisure places during her stay in USA.

Name: Ms. Mary Wright
Date of Birth: May 22, 1982
Passport Number: NG6987774
Country of Issue: United Kingdom

Please assist her in receiving a visitor visa so that she may join my wedding ceremony as my guest.

Ms. Mary will stay with me at 32 Example Street, Atlantic City NJ 65999 for the entire duration of her visit, and the costs of her air ticket and visit will be covered by me. Please see the attached salary slip and tax returns for more details. I assure you that she will leave USA before the expiry of her visa. In case of any query please call me any time on my cell: (999) 999-9999.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


John K. Smith


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