Penalties for Illegal Immigration into Canada and United States

Illegal immigration into the Canada and United states is a new threat for the economies of both North American Countries. Illegal Immigrants in these countries work on very low wage and therefore exploit the rights of natives and permanent residents.

Supporters for illegal immigration try to cover it as a victimless crime, but the truth is that illegal immigration causes ample damage to Canadian and American citizens and legal immigrants / Permanent Residents, mainly those in the weakest sectors of their population i.e. the poor, minorities, and kids.

There are several penalties imposed by the both governments to curb the menace of illegal immigration including:
• Punishment by criminal fines and imprisonment for up to six months. Repeat offenses can bring up to two years in detention center. Extra civil fines might be imposed at the judgment of immigration jury, but civil fines do not counteract the criminal sanctions or nature of the offense.
• Deportation of the whole family
• No access to public funds and free healthcare
• Paid education for children

Illegal immigrants in Canada and United Stated face the following difficulties:
• Slavery and poor working environment: Illegal immigrants are forced to work in a working environment where the citizens don’t want to work. They might be hired in life threatening professions at a very low wage.
• They have to work as a second class citizen having no rights on public health or safety.
• They might be abused by the police due to their status and unfamiliarity with the local language
• Every year there are hundreds of illegal Immigrant dies by exposure in the deserts of Southwestern United States for the duration of the hot summer season.

Illegal Immigrants are a threat for Legal Immigrants because:
• They cause a huge drain on public funds.
• Taxes paid by immigrants do not start to cover the cost of services received by them.
• The quality of education, health care and other services for Canadians and Americans are damaged by the requirements of never-ending numbers of poor, unskilled illegal immigrants.
• Job competition by waves of illegal immigrants distressed for any job unjustly depresses the wages and working conditions offered to legal workers, hitting hardest at minority workers and those with no high school degrees.


Anonymous said...

Government has to take severe actions aganist illegal immigrants in USA. They are expoliting us in every field

Anonymous said...

Are there any severe penalties for illegal immigration?

Kate said...

US and Canadian government dont like illegal immigrants because they cause injustice to those who legally immigrated there after waiting a long span of time. Illegal immigrants have to go back their home country

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