Can an Invitation Letter for a Visa Be Scanned?

Yes, you can scan an invitation letter for visit visa of any country including USA, Canada, Australia, UK and New Zealand. The consulate general or embassy has no concern over the original invitation letter but they have the only concern over the sponsor and his financial position to support his guests during their stay. If required, embassy will confirm the authenticity itself from the person who invited you.

Following is the method of writing an invitation letter for a visit visa. This kind of invitation letter is generally suitable for several countries. Initially, you have to write a little description regarding yourself. This section may contain the following info.

• Your address and contact numbers (At the top of the letter)
• Your name, your citizenship status and your occupation
• Your financial status (Attach evidences such as income tax returns)

In addition, the invitation letter must contain the following information of visitor.

• Full name of visitor
• Your relationship to the person being invited
• Date of birth
• Passport number
• Nationality
• Occupation
• Purpose of the trip
• Duration of the trip


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I want to invite my parents to Canada for one month. you have solved my doubt

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