An Overview of Transit Visa for USA

This post gives information regarding the transit visa for the United States. A transit visa of USA is also called C visa. It is your job to ensure that you have the accurate travel documents. Failure to get hold of a transit visa, when necessary, may result in you being left without boarding by the airline.

There are different types of transit visas for USA:

General Transit Visa | C-1 Visa:
If a non-US citizen is passing in instant and nonstop transit throughout the United States, he/she might require a official transit C-1 visa, except he/she is a citizen of a country that has an accord with the United States let their citizens to take a trip to the United States lacking a visa or they are entitled to transit the United States exclusive of any visas under the Visa Waiver Program.

C-2 Visa:
A foreign national can submit an application for a C2 visa, if he is an invitee, official representative of information media, or an envoy of a consulting nongovernmental agency traveling to or from the United Nations headquarters region in New York City.

Foreign Government Transit | C-3 Visa:
An associate of a foreign government on official business can get hold of a C3 visa at the same time as transiting through the United States. The official's direct family members, attendants, servants, or private employees are also allowable to navigate United States.

Restrictions on C Visa - Transit Visa for USA:
1. Transit Visa for USA or C visa is a single entry visa. For that reason, if you leave the United States and desire to re-enter the U.S. for transit purposes, you will have to reapply for C visa.
2. If you like to visit friends or going to places of interest, a transit visa is not a suitable type of visa.
3. You can't alter to another non-immigrant status at the same time as on a C visa.
4. You cannot make bigger your stay further than the original permitted stay on C visa. If you would like to make your stay bigger, consider applying for a suitable Business (B1) or Tourist Visa (B2) or if you meet the criteria, take a trip on the Visa Waiver Program.
5. You might not apply for a green card or for a change of status whilst on a C visa.
6. You can't work or study at the same time as on a C visa.
7. There are no dependent visas for Transit Visa for USA or C visa holders. Each person in the family needs to submit an application for separate C visa.


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