Canadian Cover Letter Guidelines

Finding a good job after landing is the wish of every landed immigrant in Canada. As cover letter is the foremost thing your employer will see, therefore writing a good cover letter is crucial. Remember that a Canadian cover letter’s format might be different from your home country. Whether you are a Canadian citizen or a newly landed immigrant in Canada, the following guidelines of writing an attention grabbing cover letter for a Canadian employer will help you getting your highly paid job in Canada.

Canadian Cover Letter Guidelines

A job cover letter is away work as a sales tool! It must always accompany your resume or application in Canadian format. Following are some important guidelines for writing effective cover letters for a Canadian employer:

1. Always include key information
Your full name, complete address, email address and contact number must be easily visible on each cover letter you send out. In a Canadian cover letter format, your address come first and your contact information generally visible in the last paragraph.

2. Address your Canadian cover letter to a specific person
Do not start with "To whom it may concern" or "Dear Sir/Madam". Canadian employers do not like this and cover letters don't get read as frequently as those addressed to an exact person. Always use a comma after the full name of hiring manager—it's more special.

3. Make the first sentence attractive
When employers in Canada read cover letters, they scan them for content: Who's it addressed to? What's the opening? What's the preferred action? Eye-catching initial sentences (ones that explain why you're the most excellent person for this job, or ones that speak to the interests of the employer, will get the hiring manager to read on.

4. Different Cover Letter for Each Job
In Canada, there's no such thing as a "one type fits all" cover letter. Every job you submit an application for is different. Show how you are an appropriate candidate the requirements of a given job. Ensure to refer to a particular job in the earliest few sentences so that the person who reads knows what job you are applying for. In Canada, there is no need to refer to where you saw it because it doesn't add anything to your letter and will make your letter boring.

5. Relate you Skills to the Job
Always relate your specific skills for the advertised position in second paragraph. Just saying you worked for a corporation in a job doesn't mean the person who reads will make the connection. It frequently helps to bind your knowledge to your skills, and narrate your skills to the job description.

6. Always type and reread your cover letter previous to sending it
Your cover letter creates a notion of you. It's crucial to appear proficient and not make errors. If you make mistakes in your cover letter, it might mirror how Canadian employers might view you. If your letter is orderly and professional, the boss may believe you are, too.

7. Be concise, use action words to explain your achievements
Canadian employers take delivery of loads of cover letters and resumes every day, so they desire to make out regarding you devoid of having to read a lot.

8. Be positive, creative and eager
Your cover letter is your most excellent means to sell yourself on paper besides your resume. It lets your qualities come through in addition to the benefits of hiring you. So always include something which differentiate you from the rest of the crowd.

9. Always maintain a soft copy of each cover letter you send out.
Copies of already sent letters will make your job search and follow-up process go easily.

10. Always ask for an interview.
Don’t hesitate to request for an interview. Your cover letter is to obtain you an interview—so, request one!

Always follow these guidelines before writing a cover letter for a Canadian Employer. We wish you best of luck in your job search!!!!!!!!


Amit said...

These are really great tips for making a cover letter. I am a newly landed immigrant and a follower of your blog from last 2 years. You are really doing a great job for immigrants in Canada. God bless you

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