How to File I-130 Application? | US Immigration

If you have already immigrated to the United States and are presently residing there and now, you wish to live in the United States everlastingly? If yes, you have to begin working on the process now yourself. After you are complete with your I-130 form, you would require gearing up totally for the course to get a status as a Legal Permanent Resident, usually known as the LPR.

The chief aspect here is to discover a sponsor. In case of family immigration, the sponsor would be one element of the family. Though, the application forms that require to be filled would provide to two people in question.

1. Sponsor: He is previously a citizen or a Legal Permanent occupant of the United States.
2. Beneficiary: The individual or the candidate applying for a Legal Permanent Residence.

In case, your partner is your sponsor that is whichever your husband/wife, in such a case, your marriage has to be confirmed. This would need a certificate proving your marriage. In case, the marriage certificate is written in some other language, a certified conversion is required. Lest previous marriages, certificates pertaining to those too must be submitted. With this, evidence or documents proving that those marriages have been lawfully put an end have to be shown also.

In case your children would also be go with you; documents proving that those kids are really your children would also have to be presented. These can comprise birth certificates of the children and their translations (if they are not English).

On the other hand, if you have adopted children, there would extra procedures that have to be followed too. Two passport size snap of you also have to be submitted together with the application form with all the above documents.

Based on the habitation of the sponsor, the request has to be filed thus. Those sponsors living in Ohio, Minnesota, South Dakota, Iowa, Alaska, Wyoming, Arizona, Wisconsin, and California and so on would have to file their official procedure at the USCIS in Chicago. This is if you are just filing a Form – 130. On the other hand, confirm to find out the right address or the department before truly submitting your application.

If done properly, the process for I-130 can make to be quite an easy victory. You can also put forward your form by means of the Internet which could show to be much easier.


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