Polygamy and US Marriage Immigration

Polygamy is not acceptable as per US law. the people who are already married and want to marry again to a US citizen have to finish the previous relation otherwise they will simply rejected by US visa authorities.

US visa authorities will severely check your matrimonial background prior to issue you a US marriage visa. Here, the example of a Syrian man can be taken into account that was already married and marry again to a US citizen. But his visa was declined due to the reason of polygamy. Even though he divorced his previous wife at a later stage but he was refused to enter in USA because polygamy is a serious offense under US laws and US visa authorities do not allow such a person to enter in USA who has been involved in polygamy.


Tom said...

if i had divorced my first wife and now planning to marry with my ex girl friend who is living in texas. she is also divorced.
Now i have a doubt about getting marriage visa because we both are divorced.
can some one guide me in this situation


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