Canada to US Immigration

Many Canadian citizens and landed immigrants are thinking to move or immigrate to US for better opportunities. Keep in mind the following things before Canada to US immigration.

First thing is foremost; can you work in the United States? The primary way to attain this is to be a US citizen. The next is to get married with a citizen, in which case you'll have to submit an application first for a work permit and then ultimately for whichever a green card or citizenship if you so wish. Each of these steps will need a huge quantity of official procedures, an immigration lawyer or immigration attorney and some money.
The further way to come over is to be support by a company, which will cost them $3000 and they would have to justify that you are capable of providing a work service that a US citizen or greencard holder cannot. Coming over illegally is probable but not advised.

2. The subsequent thing is working out where to reside. The US is as big and diverse as Canada and it is particularly recommended to visit the states previous to deciding where to live, if not of course you sent by your job to a exacting location.
It is importance noting that every part of America, north east, East coast, west coast,  north west, south, mid west and deep south all differ as much in agriculture, culture, politics and weather as Canada does and all these factors must be measured when immigrating.

3. The third thing is quite significant i.e. to be careful of Healthcare system. While we are familiar to a free health service, in the US you are required to purchase cover for yourself.  Your job may offer health insurance, which is great; however it does mean that like many Americans you are quite tied to your job. If your job does not give it or if you wish to give your own cover, you can buy health care insurance with a variety of options but it is significant to make sure that you recognize what you are covered for.

4. The next thing is about understanding the culture of USA. There are a lot of differences between the cultures.

So if you are thinking for Canada to US Immigration, remember these things.


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