Advantages and Disadvantages of Illegal Immigration

Illegal immigration has constantly been an issue of discussion with the legislator in addition to the governments of dissimilar nations. If examine narrowly, illegal immigrants are merely those who are seeking healthier opportunities and looking for better standards of living. They are those who are trying to give up dictatorship, joblessness and deprived living conditions in their country of origin. It is decided that in the procedure they have broken the law and therefore are facing tough challenges.

For example, presently there are around 11 million undocumented immigrants in the United States. Consistent with the statistics collected from the Pew Hispanic Centre, approximately fifty six percent of undocumented inhabitants in the United States are from Mexico. They provide to the thousands of employers in addition to the farmers in the United States with the low skilled work force.

Here, it has to be well thought-out that just similar to any other issue; there are advantages and disadvantages attached here too.

Advantages of Illegal Immigration:
• Improved standards of life for the illegal migrants.
• The financial system is aided in the form of obtain workers at lower wages.
• Those residents who are not lawfully residing and own property are supposed to pay real estate taxes too.
• Illegal migrants have a tendency to occupy those areas which are generally not chosen by the local residents to rent property.
• Commissions are made for brokers and agents when property is bought by the illegal migrants.
• They increase profits made out of mortgage loans.
• Interests and dividends are produced for the bankers whenever a new bank account is opened by an illegal immigrant.
• Profit margins are added on the buying of auto insurance.
• Appearance of a new section of consumers who are seeking goods and services.
• It costs less for the farmers to produce and harvest crops.
• Sales taxes are collected from all the illegal migrants.

Disadvantages of illegal immigration:
• Illegal immigrants effect on the local working and middle class population.
• A row of producing bogus documents is continually on.
• This leads to be a short of of balance in the quotas set for immigration function.
• Millions of US dollars are sent to Mexico and other countries.
• Many deceitful practices occur in the process.
• The tax resources are intensely affected which results in figure more to the local taxpayers.
• The job of prosecution and bringing those to justice who break the law becomes very tedious.
• A difference develops between those who are residing legally and the illegal ones.
• Threat to life is likely while crossing the borders of one’s nation.
• An illegal migrant give confidence his family and friends to approach also which in turn increases the numbers.
• The demand for cheap labor and low wages continues to boost.
• Illegal immigration affects the financial system of a nation. Additional resources are invested to cope with the problem. This in turn affects the home population who are left out to illegal immigrants for lower wages and poor working conditions.

Most of all, the issue of illegal immigration is an extremely multifaceted one but it cannot be considered as something which cannot be solved. The governments of different nations could start with charge heavy fines on employers who employ illegal migrants. With this are the well-organized system and appropriate checks at the border which are of key significance. But it has to be keeping in mind that sympathy and justice must go hand in hand here.


Anonymous said...

its mean that advantages of illegal immigration are more than disadvantages

Comrade said...

You have to be aware that you may imprisiones if get caught by authorities. Illegal immigration is not a benefir at all

Anonymous said...

I am an undocumented immigrant in USA and paying heave taxes each year

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